On June 30, the Punk Fiction bar will host a small acoustic set in support of the Mint Music Festival.

On June 19, Nuki’s group was supposed to perform on the Mint Music stage, but 7 hours before the opening, the festival was canceled. Canceled at the moment when the edited Stage and other activities were already on the field, musicians and staff had already arrived in the region and settled in hotels. The amount of losses is incredibly huge – 96 million rubles.

We express our condolences to the organizing committee of Mint Music and ask you not to stand aside either, because only together we can extend the life of this wonderful festival.

Tinkoff has created an official fundraising platform where you can donate any amount from any card, even just Apple Pay and Google Pay.

All the money goes directly to support Mint Music.

Link to the official page: https://mintmusic.ru/buy-ticket/donates/