On August 10-11, an international bike show will be held in Sevastopol near Mount Gasfort for the 25th time. This year the large-scale event was named “The Shadow of Babylon”. Famous rock performers and groups will take part in the show: Kipelov, Alisa, Slot, Vadim Samoilov (Agatha Christie), Nuki, Pilot and many others.

Bike show program

August 10

18:00 – the beginning of the concert. Performance of the group “Pilot”

19:00 – group “Satisfaction”

20:00 – “Slot” group

21:00 – group “Mordor”

22:00 – group “Kipelov”

23:00 – the culmination of the show “Shadow of Babylon”

00:00 – Grigory Leps

01:00 – Vladimir Kuzmin

11th August

11:00 – start of the motorcade from Gasfort Mountain to Nakhimov Square

Then the motorcade will return to Mount Gasfort, where a sports festival will be held. Spectators will enjoy a professional MMA (mixed martial arts) tournament, power extreme, motorcycle competitions, driving master classes and wakeboarding demonstrations.

Exhibitions of retro cars of the Stalin era and modern military equipment will be organized at the festival site.

17:00 – the beginning of the music concert. Speech by Yulia Andreeva, Archipelago group and Debosh group

18:00 – group “Free mode”

19:00 – Vadim Samoilov (Agatha Christie)

20:00 – group “Nuki”

22:00 – the group “Maity”

23:00 – group “Alisa”

Detailed information can be found on the website of the show organizers.